Wednesday, April 1, 2009

At The Villages

We arrived at The Villages around 5:00 PM on March 31st and went directly to the Sales Office to pick up our IDs so we would have access to everything that all the regular residents do, The next stop was at the Town Square for Happy Hour and a large margarita. Then it was on to Toojay's for dinner. Larry had liver and onions, I had a reuben with fries and I took half of it home with me. We went to our new home for the month, which is fantastic, unloaded and went to the grocery store for some breakfast items. My next thing to do was connect my computer but the wireless wasn't working. At least we were able to directly connect but only one person can be online at a time and we're used to our dueling computers.

It was cloudy Wednesday, April 1 and we were slow in getting moving for the day. We met Barb and Tony who live down the street and take care of the house for the owners. When we were finally dressed and ready to face the day, which was almost half over, we decided to get some exercise and walk into town which is less than a mile away. We wanted to set up our Villages computer account and check out the deals at the Izod store. We were in the Bass store when the skies opened up and we had a downpour. Fortunately it didn't last too long. Just when I had a few things to try on, Larry said we should go before the next downpour. We got as far as the Sweetbay, where we made a run for the store as it started to come down again. We toured the liquor store and then joined others waiting for the rain to stop at some protected tables set up outside. It too passed and we made it home without another incident. Once home it was time for Larry to do his stretching and I drove back to the liquor store and picked up something for dinner.

Arrived back in time for Happy Hour and Larry made a great Vodka and Tonic. Dinner was hot dogs and sauerkraut and my leftover half sandwich from yesterday. Another one of those easy meals.

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