Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Chez Bayer

Definitely 5 stars. Overlooking a lovely lake visited by all types of birds, a grapefruit tree right outside the door and an endless supply of good weather who could ask for more? But there was more. The accomodations were wonderful. Since we were the only guests, we had the visitor suite. One bedroom for us to sleep in, one for our bags and a private bath. Breakfast the first morning was Bob's specialty of the house, double ham egg McMuffins and an endless cup of coffee along with mouth watering cantaloupe. Our two dinners were served at different tables each night on the lanai.

Upon our arrival, Sunday around 5:00, we were greeted with big hugs, a welcoming cocktail and cheese and crackers. For dinner we had planked salmon that was moist and delicious with a side of fresh asparagus and salad. A red and white wine was offered.

The entertainment was varied and we did it all. Soaking in the hottub, a dip in the pool for those brave enough to take the temperature challenge, bowling, golf and even downhill ski racing. We got so carried away that we partied until 1:15 AM. During the events we were served coffee and assorted cookies and endless jelly beans.

Monday, our first full day was full too. A guided walk through the neighborhood first thing in the morning. After breakfast and some hanging out time, we did the guided shopping tour. BJs, where we could replenish our supply of pretzels and chocolate covered raisins, then on to St. Armand's Circle. A walk around the area and a visit to an interesting new shop, The Spice & Tea Exchange where we made our only purchases. From there it was on to Best Buy for Bonnie's new computer then Publix for some dinner things and home.

By the time we got home it was Happy Hour and dinner prep. Everyone had a job. Bob had to shred the pork that he had put in the crockpot in the morning. Larry was in charge of coleslaw and Bonnie was baking the potatoes in her new microwave baking cloth pocket. While they were all on cooking duty, I connected Bob's laptop to the wireless printer.

Dinner was exceptional and enjoyed with a good red wine. After digesting for awhile we went to SweetBerries for some cement (ice cream). Once home again it was time for a playoff of the night before. One game of golf and one of bowling, girls against the guys. It was a tie. The guys won the golf and the girls won the bowling. Time for a roll-off. One frame. YEA!!!! Girl power wins.

Tuesday morning was breakfast at Millie's. What a beautiful place. It was like a fancy B&B with antiques and knickknacks. I had the short stack of pancakes which were 2 pancakes the size of the plate. I needed the "shorter" stack. Bonnie had a whole wheat pecan waffle, Bob had the "everything" breakfast and Larry had Millie's omelet and just like at Chez Bayer, no shortage of coffee.
We're leaving this afternoon for The Villages, but would definitely recommend this place to everyone and we're putting in our reservation early for next year.

Thank you Bonnie and Bob, we had a wonderful time and our time together was priceless.

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