Sunday, May 31, 2009

April 30 - May 31

Where did the month go? When I started to write this post it was from 4/30-5/3 and now it's to 5/31.
When we left The Villages we spent the day driving to Doris & Michael's in Atlanta so we could celebrate his 50th birthday with him. It's amazing how your kids can get so old but we, as parents, never seem to age.

We arrived here before anyone else and made ourselves at home. The party, on Saturday, 5/2 was a Mexican theme since Michael's birthday is on Cinco de Mayo. We left on Monday and stayed outside of Cincinnati, Ohio after having dinner at the Montgomery Inn along the river. Tuesday we were home at last after two long days of driving. But for me the break was short lived because on Friday I left to go to Laura's.

I got there just about the same time as she got home from work and we had the best time over the weekend although it went by so fast. Laura made a Turkey Reuben Quesadilla from her HungryGirl cookbook that I got her for her birthday on Friday night and prepared all my lunch and dinners that we had at home.

Friday night we went to the Natick Collection, a great mall that has every store you could possibly want. We bought some crystal beads to make earrings for the gift bags for Laura's birthday. On Saturday we had mani/pedis and went to Michael's Boston birthday party. Sunday we did some hanging out and some shopping. Laura bought dirt to repot her beautiful African violets.

I made all the earrings for the gift bags and a couple of others for Laura.

Monday I finally left Laura's around noon to go to Greta's. I made so many bathroom stops for the short drive and I was so tired. I got to Greta's and she was the only one home but all the doors were locked and when I called her to open them, she was on another call and forgot to come down.

The next day, Tuesday, I went into the city and met Nadine in Times Square. We leisurely walked from 42nd street to 85th in time to meet our cousin Rich for lunch at Kefi. On the way we stopped where our father had his office at 201 W 72nd street and saw that the office building had been turned into apartments 20 years ago.

After lunch Nadine and I went to visit Aunt Harrie.

I spent the rest of the week doing a lot with the kids. I went with Greta to drop Myles off at school. I picked Myles up from school and I usually dropped off Hunter at school. I also went to his Field Day at school. On Friday Hunter and I walked to school, Hunter in the stroller and then went to the playground. Laura was in town when we were ready to go home and she picked up Myles and Hunter and I walked home with the stroller. That night we all went (except Tucker) to see Grease at Greenwich High School.

On Saturday Laura, Greta and I went into the city for Laura's Birthday weekend. We had beautiful weather to walk/run through Central Park and then met Nadine back at the hotel.

Before our walk we had lunch at the diner next door, Viand Cafe, which was delicious. Back at the Beacon Hotel, it was time to get ready to go out for the evening.
We went to the Hudson Hotel for drinks and then to 5 Ninth for dinner. Then it was back to the Viand where we shared a Banana Split and Peanut Butter Pie. Once back in the room we watched the DVD I made for everyone entitled Laura's 40th Birthday Commemorative Movie. It was dedicated to sisters and each picture had to include at least 2 of the 6 of us - Laura, Greta, Missy, Emmy, Nadine and me.

Back to Greta's Sunday morning after dropping Nadine at Penn Station. Laura went home in the afternoon and Greta and I took all the boys to the movies to see Earth.
I left early Monday morning and was home by 12:30 for Larry's birthday. When I got home I saw that our new furniture for the family room had come. It looks real nice and is very comfortable. Because the weather was so cool, the tulips had just opened and I was able to cut them so we could enjoy them inside.

Tuesday we went to Bacco's for Larry's birthday dinner, just the two of us. Wednesday we played pickleball and Thursday we went to Ann's for Patsy's birthday dinner. Over Memorial Day weekend we played golf twice.

Tuesday, May 26th we saw The Wizard of Oz at the Auditorium and were surprised at how enjoyable it was. I spent a lot of time scanning in pictures from an album of Gerry, Nadine and I when we were babies. I started to crochet a ripple afghan for the couch after I decided we didn't need pillows for it. It does need some color so I made a patchwork pillow out of all the samples I got when I was trying to decide which fabric to use for pillows.

Friday we went to Amy's Lake House and played Canasta. On Saturday, Patsy and Patti came down and the sun made the day warm enough for us to enjoy sitting outside. We saw all kinds of wildlife over the weekend - eagles, minks, deer swimming across the lake and a mangy raccoon. Larry caught a bullhead in the creek with Velveeta but threw it back. For dinner we had hots and burgers and s'mores for dessert. Sunday was very windy and we headed back home around 3:00.