Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April 28, Tuesday

Next to the last full day since we leave early on the 30th. We took a break from everything today. No tennis, no pickleball, no golf, no pool. But the wind was still blowing.
We went into town to do our final check of the Izod store. Larry found two shirts there to get. 50% off + 30% + 20% off with the Izod membership. He left his card at home but the lady behind him in line said he could use hers. What a deal.
Then we went to the Bass store to see if the discounts were better than when we last looked. They were probably the same 20% off + 40%. I bought a pair of sandals that I could have bought weeks ago. I wanted to find tan ones and these are brownish but they'll do.
Later on I went back into town to see if those new blue print shirts would match my old blue shorts but they were too dark. I love driving that golf cart. I would move to The Villages just to be able to drive the golf cart anywhere I wanted to go. So much more fun than a car.

We made another omelet tonight which pretty much used up our left overs. Any thing that's left gets tossed unless we're taking it with us. Tomorrow we pack and go out to dinner and have one more go at tennis, pickleball and the pool.

It's been a fun month. Went by fast, but it will be nice to be home. Hopefully the weather will be good and then it's just like being here.

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