Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday, April 3

It's already Friday. My back was killing me this morning so I had to do yoga first thing this morning. I need to do this everyday, not just on the days my back hurts me. Larry did his stretching, he also took his ball. The only thing he's missing down here is the inversion board. He is so good about doing his streching every day and it HAS made such a difference.

Our next project for the day was to go to Walmart and buy a wireless router. Last night we found out we have high speed internet access but not wireless. No wonder we couldn't get a wireless connection. DUH!!

We went to a few open houses. Two of the houses were >3000 sq ft. One on Lake Miona (new), the other across the street, the people who live here are building a bigger house across the street on the lake.

Once home we set up the wireless and it works better than the one we currently have at home. It's so nice not to have to share one computer that is connected to the internet - we are so spoiled.

Two fellow Webster couples came over for happy hour and then we went to Mallory Hills for dinner. It was a fun evening and good seeing everyone. Joyce and Richard came to The Villages from a month in the Keys and Jeanette and Glenn have been here since March. We'll probably see each other more here in a month that we do in a year at home.

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