Monday, April 27, 2009

April 27 - Monday - Laura's Birthday

Today is Laura's birthday. 2:39 PM, I remember it well from 40 years ago.

We started the day by 11:30, the television stopped working and I couldn't finish watching The View. There was probably something wrong with the cable so we went to play tennis and then some pickleball.
We're actually getting better at hitting that pickleball.

We went to play golf around 4:00. It was windy as usual but nice and warm. We played at Mallory Hills again, Caroline and Virginia. I played 10 holes and Larry did 18.

When we came home we finished a 1/2 bottle of wine and made chicken sandwiches similar to what I had last night at the Lighthouse with some frozen chicken fingers we had. We shared my leftover half sandwich for lunch and realized we had the ingredients to make it. Onions we could saute, cheese and the chicken.

There was a lot of wildlife on the golf course again and I'm going to post pictures of them. The Sandhill Crane that we saw sitting on her eggs the last time we played that hole, the dreaded par 3 on Carolina, was standing up and we saw her 2 eggs.

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