Friday, April 24, 2009

April 24 - Friday - Better Late than Never

We bought pickleball rackets today. Now we have to play. We got the same racket. I picked it out based on the color - gray and black and the woman who sold it to us said it was the best one. We went to the pickleball court after we came home and changed clothes. A little bit of a crazy thing to do since it was almost 90 degrees and around 1:00 PM but when we got there the breeze felt good. I didn't want to go to the pool yet because I thought it would be too hot.

We wanted to just practice hitting and so it was a lot more running around than if we were playing doubles. Needless to say we quit after a while so no one would find us collapsed on the court later on. We are getting better.

When we got home I went to the pool with a book I wanted to finish, my 3rd one since I've been here. That's a record for me. It was packed at the pool and I got the last unused lounge chair. Larry stayed back at the house and was going to come later. I must have gone in the water about 4 times just to stay comfortable. Larry came around 4:00 PM and it was just starting to get cloudy. He would have lasted about 5 minutes if he came with me. We had the pool to ourselves at that hour and were able to swim laps without having people walking back and forth in front of us. We stayed another 1/2 hour since the little gnats were getting annoying,

When I got home I found an envelope sitting on the kitchen island that had my name and "2 years + 3 days" written on it. Inside was the nicest anniversary card with a great personal message. Now I have something to remember for this anniversary and it was almost perfect - perfect would have been 3 days earlier :-)

Dinner was hotdogs and sauerkraut. We're almost done with everything in our refrigerator and freezer.

My neck and shoulder were killing me today. From everything I could find, it's probably neck strain from using my laptop on my lap way too much.

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