Wednesday, April 29, 2009

April 29, Wednesday, Our last day

Today was our last day here. I wanted to go to the pool for my last attempt at getting some tan but after we came back from our tennis/pickleball games I lost interest. Plus the sun would come out and then the clouds would come so I figured I'd be healthier just avoiding the sun altogether.
We did some laundry and clean up and packing. It took me almost as long to pack now, and we have to take everything home with us, as it did for coming down here. I think because I had to leave some clothes out for Michael's.

We played tennis this morning and my stamina is so much better than when we first got here. And my playing is a lot better. Hopefully it continues when we get home.

We went to The Lighthouse for dinner again tonight. larry had the same Cape Cod Cobb salad and I had a tuna salad with peppered tuna steak. It also came with a cusabi dressing. We found out it's made by Ken's and it's really delicious.

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