Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April 22, Wednesday

We met Joyce and Richard at 10:00 to play pickleball. They had taken 2 lessons and played once in addition to that. We hadn't played since last summer at Stony Point. We started off terrible because we play tennis and there is such a difference in everything that you do. But after a few games we were beginning to get the feel back.

Next was the pool and then golf. Golf is such a frustrating game. If you can hit the ball one day, or one hole or even one shot, doesn't mean that you can repeat it. We were much better today than Friday. And the BIG NEWS - Larry got an EAGLE on the 6th hole of Amelia - a 3 on a par 5. He chipped into the hole from just off the green.

On another hole, I got on the green real close to the hole after a 6 iron shot off the tee on a par 3 but of course I missed my putt for a birdie.

Leftover bean soup was the dinner for this evening.

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