Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Myrtle Beach

This morning, Tuesday, March 24th, we had breakfast and were on the road by 9:15. Our destination - Myrtle Beach, SC.  We drove about 400 miles and arrived at 3:00 PM. Before we got there we stopped for gas when we saw this sign. You know what they say about something being too good to be true? Well it was, the station was closed.  It said gas was $1.54.  Of course we knew not to believe the sign which was in front of a closed store nearby.  Regular was only 28 cents.

On the way to our hotel we stopped and toured a Marriott Vacation Club facility which was very nice. The weather could have been better, the ocean had white caps and it was very windy. While we were there for less than an hour the temperature dropped about 8 degrees from 66 to 58. We checked into our hotel and then decided a soak in the hot tub would feel good and it did, but then we got hot so we went in the pool too. It was relaxing and refreshing and just what we needed after the long drive.
We changed and got ready for dinner. On our way out we asked the gal at the desk if she could recommend a place close by that had good salads. She said California Dreaming was just down the road. I remembered that we had gone there with Jacqui last year in Charleston and I had liked the menu.
Tonight I had a Hot Vegetable Salad:
Red and yellow peppers, snow peas, squash, artichoke hearts, scallions & garlic sauteed in white wine and a little butter.
Served HOT over hearts of palm, fresh mushrooms, tomatoes and mixed greens. Topped with Romano cheese.
Larry had a California Dreaming Salad:
Ice cold mixed greens topped with chopped eggs, cured ham, turkey, Cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses, toasted almonds, tomatoes and finished off with fresh cooked Hormel(R) bacon and ham.
They each came with a fresh baked honey-butter croissant.

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