Friday, March 27, 2009

Another Day at Wadmalaw

We drove over to Kiawah today and took a walk around the shopping area for something to do.  After being there for a while we decided to come back and hit some golf balls since the weather had gotten nicer.  As the crow flies, it's about 2 miles to get to a certain point on the road that leads to Kiawah from here but driving, it's 18 miles.  We hit golf balls back and forth for about an hour.  I'm still waiting for that club to do its magic.

Until I started doing this blog that was supposed to be about cooking, I never realized how little I cooked.  For dinner tonight we had my leftover eggplant.  For appetizers we had cheese and crackers and some salmon and cream cheese rollups with a bottle of wine so we were pretty full by the time we had the eggplant while watching March madness.

We're both in Amy's March Madness pool.  I'm in 97th place out of 101 and Larry's in 33rd, but we're both still in the competition for the final four.

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