Wednesday, March 25, 2009

To Wadmalaw Island

What luxury! Breakfast at the hotel in Myrtle Beach was served until 10:00 AM and we only had a 2 3/4 hour drive from Myrtle Beach to Wadmalaw Island. Wadmalaw is about 20 miles southwest of Charleston, SC. 
We had a late leisurely breakfast with make your own waffles.  Then took our time packing and leaving the hotel.  Larry did his stretching too, as usual before the car ride.

We drove along Ocean Blvd through Myrtle Beach on our way south, eventually just taking Route 17. The place is pretty quiet right now and when we drove through the area that looked very commercial with hotels and shops there were signs advertising oceanfront rooms for $39 a night or $150 for the week.  Not the poshest area but what a deal.

We got near Charleston about 3 hours earlier than I told Jacqui we would arrive so I called to make sure she was there and it was OK for us to come early.  She was just on her way out to pick some things up that she ordered at Belks and I said we could get them for her since it was on our way in.  She just had to call and let them know we were coming sine the items were already paid for.  As I was on the phone with Jacqui Larry saw a golf store and wanted to stop.  Now here are all the strange - but good - things that happened as a result.
  • We went in the golf store and it turned out we went in there because Larry wanted to buy me a 7 wood.  He thinks that it will be much better than my 5 wood and will improve my game.  That's "wishful thinking".  So I did a bunch of practice shots, none of which showed that I was hitting the ball higher into the air, like I was supposed to, but we were going to buy the club anyway because Larry believes in miracles with my golf game.  
  • While I was walking around the store waiting for the transaction, Jacqui called and said not to pick up the items because the free gifts that come with them won't be in until next week.  
  • If it wasn't for my calling Jacqui she would have driven 20 miles or so to Belk's 
  • If she didn't have to call them to say we were coming we would have had to drive to Belk's for nothing and
  • If we didn't stop at the golf shop we would have been at Belk's before Jacqui found out we shouldn't go.
We finally got to Wadmalaw, met Jacqui's friend Marggi who was visiting from LaCrosse, WI and hung out for a while.  

Jacqui suggested we could hit golf balls which had Larry out of his seat in 1 second.  Now I was going to see how great the new club was.  With 13 acres of property it's perfect for me with any club and Larry will use his wedge or something that doesn't go far (for him).  However, these little annoying bugs were out in force so we cut the game short.

We had an enjoyable evening with an appetizer dinner.  They had a delicious chicken nugget that they buy from someone who comes in a truck.  The company name is Schwan's and  I just looked it up and they say they deliver by truck at home too.  

We watched American Idol and then went to bed.  Jacqui and Marggi were leaving in the morning for a conference in Atlanta.  My brother was arriving around 11 PM but we would see him in the morning.

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