Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Bunnies are Finished

When we drove to Connecticut last week I started crocheting a bunny to keep me busy on the ride. I thought I would be able to finish 3 of them before we went home. One for each of the boys - Myles, Hunter and Tucker. What was I thinking! I was lucky to take a shower while I was there babysitting much less to crochet a bunny. Sometimes I would work on it at night if I wasn't too tired but still didn't get much acomplished. So I promised them I would finish them and mail them back to them. Today I finished them and tomorrow I'll mail them.
I showed them the patterns when I was there and the two older boys picked out the bunny and color that they wanted. Tucker got what I had already started since no one seemed to want it. It turns out I like that one the best. From left to right, this is what they wanted.
Tucker gets this one by default.
Hunter wanted the sitting down bunny in off white.
Myles wanted the big eared bunny but all in black. I did give him white eyes and nose and a pom-pom white cotton tail.

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  1. Excellent bunnies. The kids will be thrilled. Cool blog too. Where's the tuna noodle caserole?