Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Turkey Leftovers

We went to Greta's today and emptied out our refrigerator before we left home. We brought turkey, stuffing and all the leftovers from our turkey dinner night. I also made white bean chicken chili yesterday and brought some of that too. We won'thave to cook while we're here and will have food for others too.

We stopped at McDonalds on the way down and each got a chicken wrap. mine was grilled and Larry's was fried. We had our favorite pretzels and peanut butter that I spread and make little sandwiches as we drive as a second course. I think I already mentioned some of our meals may be less than desirable - but good.

We didn't have any traffic on I-95 North when we got to CT and this was a first. It was the easiest drive we had in a long time.

Our turkey dinner was well received and Greta made her specialty mashed potatoes to go with it - cream cheese, butter and milk with the potatoes. Not exactly great for the arteries.

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