Sunday, April 18, 2010

What Luck

On the drive to Myrtle Beach I unplugged my GPS and all the pieces went flying.  I was able to retrieve the pieces in the picture right away (I was the passenger) but after putting it together something was still missing.  When we were at the hotel in Jacksonville, I quickly looked in the car, under the seats, for a missing piece but didn't find anything.  We decided to look again once we were at The Villages.  Well we forgot about it until after Larry got the car washed and part of the car wash was an inside vacuuming.  While that was going on we still didn't think about it.  It wasn't until later that day that Larry mentioned that I still hadn't looked for the piece from the GPS and then it dawned on us that the car had been vacuumed and I now I'd probably never find it.

So I decided to look online and see if I could get a replacement and then I looked to see if there was something that showed the parts that it contains.  The wonderful internet.  There were postings from a few years ago that talked about their GPSs flying apart - it's just a screw on piece, so should be checked for tightness every now and then.  Although there weren't any pictures I found out that the piece I was missing was the fuse.  I knew it had to be some long solid piece so now at least I knew what I was missing.  I'd give it one more shot before ordering a new charger.  I went out to the garage, opened the driver door and felt under the seat, nothing.  All the other parts had flown to the driver side and I had already pretty thoroughly checked the passenger side.  Then I moved the driver seat up.  It went up much further than anyone could possible use for driving and then I looked behind the seat from the back.  Thank goodness they don't vacuum where they can't see.  Sitting right there just waiting for me was the fuse.   (upper left in photo)

Now I was able to put it back together and test it, and it worked!!

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