Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wednesday and Thursday

Wednesday we took a ride over to the shopping area to go to Publix and Walmart to pick up a few things. On the way, Larry dropped me off at Beall's Outlet and he went to get a haircut. I couldn't find anything I liked, or that fit, but he got a decent haircut this year. We then went to Bealls regular store. How many stores have cows sitting in front of them?

We went to the pool for a couple of hours in the afternoon, had salad for dinner with the leftover pork tenderloin which was still as delicious as the day we made it.

Thursday, today, we played did our stretching/yoga, played tennis and went in the hottub all by 10:45 AM. It was partly cloudy most of the morning so in the afternoon we decided to go look at some houses that were open. We went to one of the houses by Sumter Landing that are very overpriced because of their location. We then went to see one that was a Premier home in Spanish Springs off Morse just north of 466. We took the golf cart and rode along the golf cart rode along 466 which was a really nice road that we never rode on before. When we got home, we filled the batteries with distilled water that we had gotten the previous day. For dinner we had salad and tilapia and then we broke down and watched the first DVD of Season 6.

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