Saturday, April 17, 2010

Oh What a Beautiful Day

The sights and sounds at the 7th hole of Tally Ho. It's nice not playing with 30 mph winds.
Larry hit a ball that he thought hit the bank by the green on this par 3 hole so we were looking for it.  There were a lot of catfish in the water and a lot of balls too.  The sounds of all the  birds was so peaceful and serene while watching the fish lazily move through the water.  Even the small plane flying overhead added a nice touch.  By chance, when I was done filming and going back up to the green, I looked down as to where I should step, and there was Larry's ball.  It was just luck that I found it because it was into the side of the hill.
It's just a nice night to be out here.
Today it was sunny in the morning so I decided to hit the pool because it was warm and not windy.  Probably got there before 11:30 and it was beautiful.  Perfect temperature, nice sun, not crowded.  It lasted about 45 minutes and then the clouds rolled in.  While I was there, Larry went to the putting green that was by the rec center to practice with the new putter that's going to make his putting so much better :-).  When he was done, he sat on his chair not out in the sun (even if there was any) and I stayed where I was.  It was still a beautiful day for being outside and easy to read without the sun - so much for that Florida tan.  It's not good for you anyway, but need some of that natural Vitamin D.
We went to golf around 4 and it was the most perfect night since we got here.  No sun and no wind and warm temperatures.  When we got home around 8:00 we were going to have our favorite after golf dinner, hot dogs and sauerkraut but first I had to run to Publix to get some sauerkraut.  When I got home we had our also favorite vodka and tonic and I took out some cheese and crackers.  After having some of those and since it was getting close to 9:00 we decided we didn't really want the hot dogs anymore so I pulled out some carrots and mushrooms and dip and we had a well balanced dinner and well within my point limitations.

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