Sunday, April 11, 2010

Penny and Chris Visit

Penny and Chris came on Friday and it was a glorious day.  We sat out on the lanai for a while and then took a ride over to Lake Sumter Landing in the golf cart so we could get there to show them what it is like at Happy Hour.  There were a lot of new things since last year.  A Coldwater Creek and a TGI Friday's were the ones I remember.  Also, not sure if the bead store is there anymore.  It was near IZOD and I don't recall seeing it when I was there.
We walked around for awhile but the line for 2/1s were too long so we eventually came back to our place for Happy Hour and dinner.  It was the perfect night for sitting outside.  We had an assortment of cheeses and crackers, grapes and maybe some other stuff (I didn't take a picture so I don't remember) to go along with our Vodka drinks - we don't have much variety here.
For dinner we grilled salmon, squash and served it with sweet potatoes.  When we couldn't keep our eyes open any longer, we said our goodnights.
Saturday we had a leisurely breakfast out on the lanai - it was do it yourself, my favorite, I just set out everything.  Later on we took a ride, by car, to Spanish Springs where we had a light lunch at Toojay's and walked around the town.  Maybe not such a light lunch, this was half of Larry's liverwrust sandwich.  Can he get his mouth around it?

Saw that they have a Chico's there, don't remember if it was there last year.  Then we took a drive down to 466a to see the new Seabreeze Rec Center.  It is beautiful and fits it name perfectly.
They have platform tennis, beach volleyball and a total beach theme.  The bathrooms in the main building are beautiful. 

We walked around the area and then drove around some more and went back to the house because Chris and Larry had a 4:15 tee time at Arnold Palmer.
Penny and I decided to chill out and she finished reading a book and I listened to The Help.  It got really cold so we bundled up in blankets and I upped the temp on the air to 77.  When the guys got back and showered, we went to The Lighthouse restaurant for dinner where we had a great, late dinner.  Thanks Penny and Chris!!
After awhile we couldn't keep our eyes open anymore and it was time for nighty night.  Unfortunately, this time when I listened to my book which usually puts me to sleep in 5 minutes, I stayed up until 3:00 AM until I finished it.
Sunday morning we went to church where there was a full house again.  The choir is great at 9:00 and the altar is in the round and they have 8 closed circuit TVs.

Back to the house for coffee and breakfast on the lanai and around 11:30 our visitors left.  We were going to go to the Polo match and decided for a change to be early.  Well, there was such a lineup of golf carts to get into the place we decided to bag it since we've been to polo matches before.  So we went to Publix instead to replenish some supplies.  On the way we stopped at Beall's and I found a pair of sunglasses because the ones I bought half price at Wegmans just broke in half and I also found a pair of Chico khaki pants for $9.99 regularly $58.00.
When we came home I was going to go to the pool but it was pretty much cloudy most of the day so I spent most of the afternoon on the computer until I went to watch the Masters with Larry.

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