Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Time to Pack

I can't believe the month is over. It went by so fast and we probably did less running around than our previous trips here but enjoyed it more.
A little catch-up on what we did since last post.
Michael left around noon on Thursday and I went to the pool to work on my tan, after all I have to go home looking like I went to Florida, and Larry went to practice his putting. I have matured a lot and taken all the healthy tips.  I glob on loads of 30 sunscreen and only stay out for 1-2 hours, depending on the heat.  Some days, just to stay cool it's just necessary to go in the pool, try to do two laps around the people just standing in the middle or walking back and forth with their noodle wraps around their waists.  At night we went to a concert at St Timothy's put on by the Central Florida Lyric Opera, great talents.  There was a soprano who performed who would have shattered my wine glass had I brought it!

Friday was another beautiful day, the way Florida is supposed to be so we played golf again in the late afternoon.  This time we had to wait for a group finishing the previous nine.  What a mistake!  They were so slow that I got tired just from the dragging on of the game and didn't play past the front nine.  They were gone by then and Larry just whizzed through the back 9.  I amused myself by taking pictures of us and posting them on Facebook.

The details of the days really just sort of blurs together so I won't be able to give a boring listing of our activities hour by hour.  We probably did the usual Village type of things, played tennis, went to the pool/putting, looked at an Open House or two and had our "Vodka and Tonic Happy Hour" on  the lanai.  I did finish reading a book on writing autobiography so now I need to start doing something about it.
We met Joyce and Richard for dinner Saturday night at The Veranda in Lake Sumter Landing.  We sat outside as the sun was setting and now know where to sit the next time so the sun isn't right on our table and in our eyes.  The food was homestyle, Larry had meatloaf, Joyce had pot roast, Richard and I had salads.  On our way to the restaurant, since we had time to kill, the Bass store called to Larry with their buy 1 get 2 free pairs of shoes and he actually find 3 pair.  It would take me a day and a half to do the same so I didn't attempt to pick out one pair.

Sunday we met Joyce and Richard again, this time for 6 games of pickleball.  Larry and I weren't as bad as we thought, considering we never play.  I need to practice getting the ball over the net lower.  It was really windy and rain was in the forecast which did happen but not until 5:30.

Then we had the most magnificent thunderstorms for hours.  When it was dark out I loved the way the room lit up from the solar tubes when there would be lightning.  Later that night we lost our cable because of the storm but we still had the internet.  The next morning we lost our internet just when they got the TV working but it was only out for about an hour.  It was again a typical Villages activity day for us but because of heavy winds again we bowed out of our possible golf game.
So now here it is Tuesday morning and it's laundry and packing for us.  We've eaten most of our food and will go out to dinner tonight - back to The Veranda again because we enjoyed it so much the other day.  Then it's pack the car and tomorrow off to Michael's lake house.

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