Friday, April 2, 2010

First Day

Yesterday after checking in at this very organized outside check-in, which took practically no time at all, we located our house, got everything out of the car and went to Publix to do some grocery shopping.  We made salads and hot dogs (turkey, bun length) with sauerkraut for dinner on flatout bread - only 3 points for the hot dogs and bread.  Then we watched some more of 24 Season 4 since there wasn't anything good on TV.

So here we are for our first full day and I wake up feeling dizzy which led to feeling nauseous,  Not to mention that my neck is bothering me because I haven't gone to the gym or done yoga for a month since I was sick most of March,  So, since I was incapable of doing anything, (I would get dizzy if I bent my head so couldn't help my neck) we sat on the wonderful reclining loveseat and finished the last 4 epsiodes of 24,  That show is so-o-o addicting.  But after watching the first 4 seasons in such a short time, we can both pretty much guess what's going to happen next.  Larry better than me, I think he pays more attention.  I usually knit or crochet while I watch but I haven't felt good enough to even do that.

Finally around 3 o'clock, after taking a shower and getting dressed I felt better.  Around noon I had some oatmeal with strawberries and just as we were on our way out of the door I had a quick call to get rid of some of that, and then I felt even better,  So I took a couple of plastic bags, just in case and we went to check out our neigborhood recreation center.  It has a nice pool, tennis courts and pickleball courts all in one area.  While we were there, we played  a game of bocce using our own rules, I need to look them up because usually we just play throwing the ball around the property at Gerry's at Wadmalaw.

After Larry beat me, we went to the Super Walmarts and got some additional items.  We should have enough main meals for the month and just need to get fresh fruits and veggies, milk etc.

We were going to have tilapia for dinner but I still didn't feel good so Larry made a salad with tuna and I had a bowl of cheerios and we ended the night by starting Day 5 of 24 but I slept through episodes 3 and 4.

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