Sunday, February 6, 2011

Piano Lessons


Last summer I gave Myles my keyboard because he wanted to learn to play piano and I just had it sitting under the bed for the last four years. Before that it sat on a table for at least another 5 years.  I always said that when I retired I wanted to take piano lessons. I've always wanted to take piano lessons since I was a little girl. My mother said she wasn't going to invest in a piano because I would lose interest so she got me a guitar instead. I bought a piano in the 1970s and Laura and Greta took lessons. In the 80s I took lessons for awhile but then I went to graduate school and they were on hold for the next 28 years. In January I started piano again with Fred Costello who was my instructor 28 years ago. I'm even using a lot of the same music from back then and I'm relearning all my chords. So now I have the opportunity to use the piano I have (which hasn't been tuned in years and years) but I am so bad, I don't like to practice when Larry can hear me so I bought another keyboard.   I can use headphones and no one has to hear besides me. I told him he can hear when I can finally play something that sounds OK. It may be quite a while. 

Myles said my keyboard is like the one in Monsters & Aliens.

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