Monday, February 21, 2011

Countdown begins - Six Days to Go

I made Kasha's Chicken Chile Recipe ( today but I used leftover roasted pork loin instead of chicken.
This is after adding the final ingredients, pork, corn and beans.

Here it is all mixed in.  Besides using pork instead of chicken I also added a can of Rotel tomatoes and chiles in place of the green chilies since I had them in the closet.  Gave it a little more spice.

We leave for our cruise on Sunday and I'm really getting excited about it.  I'm almost packed, or at least have laid out all my clothes that I want to take and am eliminating some.  This is the last meal I'm going to cook so Larry has something to eat tonight and tomorrow when I have to work.  One night before we go we'll go to Penfield and another night to Applebees so we can use the coupon from Delta Sonic that Larry got from Laura that she forgot to pay me for.  Laura, you don't need to pay me, I just want to see if you really read my blog.  If you do, mention that you read this. :)

My piano lesson was cancelled this morning because Fred has a cold.  This was the one time I thought I was going to be halfway decent too.  I took Larry to drop his car off at Hoselton at 9:00 for an oil change and check over before we travel.  I'll take him back before I meet Betty for a late lunch at 3:30 at Limburgers before I go to work.

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