Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Meat Loaf and Chicken Salad

With a painful neck there isn't much to do that is any fun that doesn't involve creating more pain in my neck so I pretty much have been listening to books and doing some cooking.  I like to cook when I have a good book to listen to since I can multi-task.

I made Larry's favorite, meatloaf, so he could have it tonight while I went to work.  I'm not a meatloaf fan so it is always good for a night when I'm not home.
I used the recipe from a previous post but I never had a picture with it.

I also tried doing some chicken salad without mayo.  I used plain Greek Yogurt and Dijon Mustard.  I didn't have any celery or apples which I wanted for crunch but I did have a pear so I added that along with some red pepper, chopped onion and chopped almonds.  It needed a little more zip so then I added some curry powder.  It made it taste entirely different and was a little surprising to Larry at first.  We didn't have it until a couple of days later, and the pears were no longer crunchy so I wouldn't use them again.

Plain Greek Yogurt
Dijon Mustard
Chopped Red Peppers
Chopped Almonds
Chopped Pear

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