Monday, July 4, 2011

Leftovers in an Omelet

I must be trying to get rid of everything in the refrigerator.  Tonight we couldn't decide what to have for dinner.  Was it going to be leftover pork tenderloin, AGAIN or another salad.  Then I thought, what about an omelet.  I took everything I could find and put it all together and we had a delicious omelet.

The ingredients I had on hand were:
Baby Portobello Mushrooms
Green onions
Red, Orange and Yellow Peppers

I sauteed all the ingredients first and then added beat up eggs mixed with some water.  When the eggs were almost set I added freshly shredded Parmegiano Reggiano and then sprinkled some Parmesan & Romano grated cheese over the top after the shredded was melted.
It was almost like a frittata but I didn't have any potatoes.  I'm so much better at creating things at the last minute than having to plan a meal.

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