Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sports Day

Well we probably overdid it today.  We played tennis in the morning, but not a lot.  It's been a year since we played since Larry has a bone spur on his foot and he took a break to allow it to heel.  Then in the afternoon we went to Kissimmee Oaks to play golf.  And before playing we hit balls on the driving range.  I played nine holes.  To help Larry get his 18 in I graciously decided to stop after 9 :)  but even with that we had some pokey people in front of us and we passed players on a par 5 and then hole 17.

On the way home we stopped at a Publix which was so much nicer than the one near our place.  The one near us is older and has the weirdest layout of things in the store.
Once home we had a vodka and tonic on the deck and wound up just eating appetizers for dinner followed by a bowl of popcorn. 

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