Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 9 - Tortola

We sat at breakfast till late with Lesley and Pat and then took a taxi ride to Cane Garden Beach.  The taxi, open air bus, was so slow we thought we would have to push it up the hills.  But it was a beautiful day at the beach.

We took a different taxi home and it actually only took the 20 minutes the first driver said it would.
I broke my favorite pair of $10 sunglasses as we got back on the ship.
After we got back we went for a snack and then up to Deck 10.
I walked for 30 minutes then we pulled out of port.  We went to the show at 6:15, before dinner.   There was a singer,  Kenny James who had won Star Search 13 times in 1985.

We played Quest after dinner, which is sort of like a scavenger hunt but takes place right there in the room with whatever you've got.  The funniest part was the 70+ woman who donated her whole set of false teeth and bra to her team for different requests.

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