Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 2 - At Sea

The plan, or at least my plan, was to go to 7:30 Morning Stretch, have breakfast, go to the 9:00 walk around the deck and then go to the 10:00 Mix & Mingle. What we did do was go to breakfast at 9:00 at the Windjammer, the Mix & Mingle at 10:00 and then for a walk around the deck. We went on Deck 5 but couldn't go around the bow so we went up to the bow and turned around and went all the way around to the other side and turned around again. We got in a 30 minute walk.

At noon we went to lunch in the restaurant and each got a cup of vegetable consomme and caesar salad with salmon.  No dessert. This turned out to be the only time we had lunch in the restaurant.

Tonight was the first formal night, and with dinner at 5:30 we would soon have to get ready, shower, makeup, dress. And then when we go on land we would also have to be ready earlier just to eat. So we went to Guest Relations (Larry's idea) to see about changing to the later seating. She told us to go to the dining room and check with the maitre'd (my idea) and voila!! we had the late seating.   It was so much better this way. With everything that we did in the afternoon, we were lucky to make it to dinner at 8:00.
We went to an Acupuncture presentation in the morning and made an appointment for a consultation at 3:00.

We walked through the solarium to get to spa, and it was so warm in there.
We checked out the Windjammer for Afternoon tea, which is what they serve after lunch, and had fruit and sugar free cookies.

We went back to room at 5:00 - hung out, took showers, and got ready for dinner.
We didn't leave for dinner until 7:45  and never could have made a 5:30 dinner.
I wore these really high heels that I bought a couple of years ago and never wore and they were pretty hard to walk in with a rocky boat.

These pictures we took of each other in the room.  I was trying to keep track of what I was wearing so I would have an idea of what to pack for our next trip.

We had 2 posed pictures taken before dinner and then met our new dinner companions.  Janet, Tom, Lesley and Pat - we were perfect tablemates and enjoyed spending all our evenings together.
After dinner we had 2 more pictures taken, they all had different backgrounds.
We went to the show at 10:00 where there was an excellent piano player.
Came back to our room at 11:15 and crashed.

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