Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 10 - At Sea

This was the first day of three that we were going to have at sea on the way back to Baltimore.  We had breakfast and then went to sit outside.  I lost my camera and haven't a clue how I could have done that.
I had it at the first place we sat, took a few pictures, put the camera in my bag and left it there and went to the room because I left my cell phone down there and needed it to listen to my book.  Larry stayed up on the deck.
When I came back we moved to the stern of the boat where it wasn't so windy.
Lesley and Pat were up there and when we left to go to lunch we walked past where they were having the belly flop contest.  I dug into my bag to get the camera to take pictures and it wasn't there.
I went back and looked in the places I was and couldn't find it.
Then I went to Guest Services to see if they had it and left my name since it hadn't been turned in.  

It was a dress up night again and we got in line for pictures when Larry said he would go over and check at Guest Services for my camera.  YEA!!  they had it, along with a case of mine that had a bunch of pens and even some address labels.  I was so HAPPY!!  I was going crazy trying to figure out how I could have lost it.  

 Our evening towel.

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