Monday, March 15, 2010

Up in the Air

The Stop and Shop experience:
I reserved Up in the Air at the Watertown St. Stop and Shop in Watertown. Laura said she knew where it was so we went there. The Redbox machine didn't recognize my credit card so I called Redbox and was on hold for 33 minutes. While I was on hold I double checked my account on my iPhone while I put my call on speaker just like in the commercials. The card was OK. Then I asked Laura if she was sure this was the Watertown St store. She asked a clerk and was told that we were at the Pleasant St store. Then Laura said she knew exactly where the store was but she thought that store was in Newton. We got there 15 minutes before our deadline and my credit card worked just fine. I'm glad I never had may call answered by anyone because I would have looked so-o-o stupid.

We didn't think Laura's DVD player worked so we watched the movie on her laptop.

Sydney kept us company.

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