Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nadine and Gerry Get Married - 8/27/09

What a surprise, at least for Larry and I. Gerry & Jacqui already guessed it before we came but everyone was keeping it a secret. Why should I question that they had to go to Charleston to go to a Post Office when the main purpose was to get a marriage license?

So when we saw Margo and her husband walking up to the pool house with Nadine we couldn't figure out who they were. I thought they had wandered over because they got lost. But how do you get lost on Wadmalaw? How would you even wind up in Wadmalaw unless you had a destination.
Nadine walked in and said "this is Margo" and she had a quizzical expression on her face like she didn't know who Margo was either.

Then Margo said that she was here to marry some people and my mind went to work.
1) Well it wasn't Larry and I, we're already married
2) It wasn't going to be Gerry & Jacqui, the talk there revolves more around ending theirs
3) BRAINSTORM - it must be Nadine and Gerry ! !

Margo and her husband

Nadine and Gerry before the wedding

Getting ready outside the pool house - a perfect setting

The vows

"You may kiss the bride"

Dinner at Jasmine Porch on Kiawah at The Sanctuary

The wedding cake

The view in back of the restaurant

The traditional sibs pose


  1. I'm thrilled!! Nadine was my best friend freshman year at Penn, and I married a mutual friend of ours from class of '71. Now that we are back in Philly it has been wonderful to reconnect, and to see their happiness. Congratulations, Nadine and Gerry!!!
    Love, Lynn

  2. Nadine you changed my life. I couldn't have imagined a more beautiful wedding for you!