Friday, August 7, 2009

Movie Night - He's Just Not That Into You

We finally had our second movie night, the first being on Valentine's Day. It took 6 months and probably wouldn't have happened if Ann didn't send me an email suggesting that I schedule it. The cast was the same except Patsy came for dinner this time, but she didn't stay for the movie.

It was a beautiful night and we had cocktails on the deck - Margaritas, Vodka Gimlets, Wine, Rum and Coke for Amy and Patsy brought her own half tea and lemon with Vodka. Ann made a hummus appetizer topped with brushetta and feta and served with pita bread. We also had a chunk of Jarlsberg, probably a pound and we jut about finished it.

Dinner was "make your own" taco salad using the 2 bean chili but then adding salad, guacamole. salsa, blue and multigrain chips.

During our movie intermission we served up the Mexican brownies that Patti brought.

These flowers that were on the table went with the dinner Mexican theme.

The movie poll was not as good as Sex in the City, but I liked it. My brainless type of movie and it drew a few tears too. I'm such a sappy person.

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