Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Myles and Greta Visit- August 16-22, 2009

Monday Greta had to work and I went shopping with Myles and we got the new punching toy among other things when we went to Target. We also went to Wegmans where Myles got to scan and bag what we bought.

In the afternoon Myles, Larry and I went to the movies and saw G-force which was really cute.
Larry and I had to go to a function at SJFC so Myles and Greta went over by Seabreeze and played miniature golf.

On Tuesday I didn't feel well in the morning so Larry took Myles over to Penfield to hit golf balls at the driving range and gave him some pointers as well. In the afternoon we went to play miniature golf in Webster.
Myles also got to hit balls at the batting cage and then we got ice cream cones at Bruester's.
We checked on our boat at the boat dock, to make sure it had been picked up for repair and then Myles and I played tennis and then we all went to the pool.

The next morning before work, Greta and Myles played tennis and then Myles and I played.

In the afternoon we went to the pool at Penfield which has a diving board

and Greta got to see Tracy. She also had to do a conference call for work so she sat in my car. When she was done, she was so hot and she hadn't brought her bathing suit so I got dressed and she wore mine to go in the pool. Greta went out to dinner with Betsy and Shay that night so we stayed home with Myles and watched half of a Harry Potter movie, but Larry and I fell asleep.

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