Friday, August 21, 2009

Bowling, Miniature golf and more

What a busy day we had today.
We never got out of the house until almost noon but we packed so much into it.
Greta, Myles and I went bowling and we each won a game, but not with any fantastic scores and we were using bumpers. But we had fun.
We went to the Apple store at the mall. I had to get a new power cord for my MacBook and Greta needed some help with her iPod touch. Then we went to Staples and Myles got a new backpack for school. After that we went to Wickham Farms and played miniature golf - Myles got a hole in one on the hardest hole.

There was also a sandtrap in the back of the hole besides the water on the sides.
We went on the jumping pillow which is like a giant trampoline on the ground.

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