Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Visit to Greta

After visiting Laura, I went to see Greta and all the boys.  We went to the playground after having lunch when I got there on Sunday.

Monday I played Mom, took Greta to the train, Myles and Hunter to school (2nd grade and kindergarten) went to the store for Bev and managed to squeeze in an excellent  1 1/2 hour Yoga class at Glow.  Then I took Tucker to Nursery School, stopped at the Rummage Room,  my favorite thrift store and bought a skirt and a pair of capris for $8 each.  The skirt is a pink Ann Taylor that looks brand new and the capris are white Izod that also look new.
Before I knew it, it was time to pick up the boys from school and then we took a trip to Target and everyone got to buy something.  My last pickup was to get Greta from the train and later that evening Greta and I had an early Mother's Day dinner at Baang.

Tuesday morning I left for home after taking Greta to the train and getting the final picture taken.

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