Friday, May 20, 2011

One Week In Cancun

We've been here for a week already and I haven't really posted anything.  Let's see how much I can remember, of course my picture taking will help.

Friday the 13th
The flight down was fine.  Everything left as scheduled, the only problem was that we had about a 5 hour layover in Atlanta but we knew about that after the departure time of the flight from Atlanta was changed a few months ago.  The only unusual thing that happened was when I went to the ladies room at the Atlanta airport (one of the many times).  Going into the stall, the woman coming out said "those things in there aren't mine."  I didn't understand what she was talking about until I saw a dress and sweater hanging on the back of the door and a pair of flip flops on the side shelf.  Looked like someone was making a quick getaway and escaping the security cameras.  

We arrived here in the afternoon and were met by the van driver at the airport and whisked away to the hotel. 

We checked in and went to our room and both took pictures of the room before it didn't look the same (once we give it the lived in look).  

Then we took a walk around the grounds and on the beach.  We went to a liquour store across the street to get some tequila, triple sec and wine but they didn't have any Rose's Lime juice so no home made margaritas tonight.  
Across the street is a big shopping mall that is called La Isla Mall (, lots of stores, restaurants, and an aquarium  We walked around there and finally stopped at Chocolate City where we had icy cold Dos Equis and delicious salads.

Saturday, May 14
Time to go shopping and get some food in our place.  We heard that Walmart was the best place to go grocery shopping to so we got on the bus and familiarized ourselves with public transportation.  A week later we're practically experts, at least for bus R-2 and R-15.  It costs 85 pesos (85 cents) for the bus and is the best deal in town.  We took a cab back because of the number of bags we had and that was only $12 USD.  Our favorite purchase was the freshly made Pico de Galle and we went back later in the week to replenish our supply along with the hot, also freshly made corn tortillas.  They didn't have Rose's Lime Juice either so we bought lots of fresh limes.
The Walmart parking lot is covered
 After unpacking our groceries we went to the pool and later for a walk on the beach.  The water was calm and beautiful.

Sunday, May 15
We were out on the beach at 7:30 this morning taking a walk and I started collecting shells.  We got back in time to change and go to the 9:00 AM English speaking mass at the open air church which is across the street from the Playboy Club which opened in December 2010.  In the afternoon we went to the beach which we decided was a much more comfortable place to sit than at the pool since there was that constant breeze to keep you comfortable.

Monday, May 16
Today we got up and walked the beach at 6:30 in search of better shells and before the sun came out full force.  Yesterday it was pretty hot on the walk back. 
We had a late lunch at Viento, the restaurant down by the pool.  

We shared a wrap that was delicious and some fish tacos and of course the basket of tortilla chips to start.  At night we had a healthy salad in our room.  

Tuesday, May 17
Back to the beach for our morning walk, this time even earlier than 6:30.  We walked almost as far as the point but thought it might be too hot on the way back so we turned around but the sun was hidden behind the clouds where we walked so we would have been OK.  Later in the day we were in the water bobbing around and it was then that I decided we needed some kind of floaty for the water which would make it more fun to just hang out in the surf.  We had lunch at Viento again because we both were mouthwatering for those wraps again.  They had such a great flavor (we couldn't really identify it) but wanted it again.  Of course, this time they didn't taste the same.  That evening, about 5:30, along with everyone going home from work we took the bus to Walmart where I was on a mission to get a water toy and we did get a big tube.  We also got some fresh Mexican pastries and more tortillas but they were out of the Pico de Galle.

Wednesday, May 18 - Happy 75th Birthday Larry
This morning we walked all the way down to the point.  It was about 5 miles round trip after I google mapped it when we came back.  When we were almost back to the hotel, Larry said his foot was hurting.  When we got up to the room, we checked and he had a big blister on the bottom of his foot that popped - OUCH and HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  For the remainder of the day Larry rested his foot on the couch and I went to the beach but no playing in the water with the new tube.
For Larry's birthday dinner we got on the bus and went down the street a short way to Puerto Madero.  We started off with margaritas on the rocks followed by dinner with a glass of Cabernet Savignon.  I can't believe I didn't take any pictures of the food.  Larry had the most delicious Sea Bass in a smooth soy sauce with shitake mushrooms and grilled asparagus.  I had seared tuna with a soy sauce and we had a side of grilled vegetables.  For his birthday surprise they served a creme brulee on a beautifully decorated plate and I had an outstanding cup of coffee.  A perfect birthday dinner.

Thursday, May 19
So now that I have the desired water tube, the wind has picked up out of the East and we have waves that make it less than desirable for my hanging out in the surf.  We played two games of miniature golf in the morning and we split them, no playoff. We made another trip to Walmart and got the Pico de Galle, two big tubs of it and some more pastries, cereal and fruit.  This time it wasn't rush hour.  We came back and went to the pool and then after deciding it was too hot we went back to the beach.  Happy Hour found us up on our deck with a bottle of wine and tortillas and pico de galle.  That night it was the final episodes of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice for me and some Skype-ing with Laura during commercials.

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