Thursday, April 28, 2011

300 UNDER 300

This event ocurred on April 2 when I went to Barnes and Noble to get a signed book for Laura's birthday which was yesterday. Laura took it to her Weight Watchers meeting today for show and tell, along with me. I couldn't publish it until now for obvious reasons.
Today I went to Barnes and Noble in Boca, only about 15 minutes from here for a book signing by Lisa Lillien, "Hungry Girl". It was by chance that I happened to find out about it. I saw on Facebook that she came out with a new book, 300 UNDER 300 and because of my curiosity I followed links until I got to her book tour. Turned out that in 3 days she was going to be here. As luck would have it, Larry went to play golf that day so I didn't have to feel bad about boring him to death, although he probably would have enjoyed hanging out in Barnes and Noble for 2 hours. I got there 50 minutes before the signing to get my book and find out what the process was. I thought I would drop into some of the other stores in the mall while I was waiting but as it turned out, there were only a couple of seats left in the area where she was going to be so I grabbed one and waited. She was going to arrive at 2:00, give a talk, which turned out to be a Q&A for about 40 minutes and then do the book signing. Practically the whole row in front of me was her family, her parents live in this area.
She was very sweet and after standing in line for 20 minutes I got my book signed and a picture taken so Laura would know that it was really her signature.

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