Saturday, October 2, 2010

Timeshare Resort review

We're staying for a week at Plantation Resort at Surfide Beach, SC before moving to the Marriott at North Myrtle Beach for the second week.  It's interesting staying at these different places which are all offered as timeshare resorts.
The one we stayed at in Virginia, Williamsburg Plantation, had some features that we liked and others that we didn't.  But once we came here, they became obvious because we had something to compare to.
My favorite thing at the Williamsburg resort was a thermal carafe with the coffee maker.  Although it was only an 8 cup, not the usual 10 that I make at home, it was enough.  I like not having to drink my coffee really fast, before it tastes like mud.  Here we have a 10 cup but a glass carafe.  My least favorite was that there wasn't free wireless internet and the internet they hadin the public area was so-o-o-o S-L-O-W I wouldn't have the patience to bring up a web site.  I used my iPhone the whole time I was there.  At the Myrtle Beach resort we have free wirelss.  It is so nice to come home to . . .

The amenities at both places are similar.  But in Williamsburg we had two bathrooms, here we only have one.  The bathroom in Williamsburg was really nice and large.  Jacuzzi type tub, separate shower, separate room for toilet.  Here the bathroom is about the size of the second one there with a tub (air jets though) and the shower is part of the tub, with a shower curtain.

The Williamsburg Plantation also had a small salt and pepper shaker - I should have taken it with me, but fortunately I brought pepper and seasoned salt with us, and coffee filters - about 10.  I took the leftovers but we bought some more since we've been here.

Each place offered us gifts to sit through a timeshare presentation, although they don't really call it that anymore.  Tomorrow morning we have the one here, with breakfast.  At the other place we got a Visa gift card that we used for winetasting at the Williamsburg Winery.  Here we get funny money to use for things at the resort or for some of the shows in town.  We plan on going to the Carolina Opry and the Ripley's Aquarium.

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