Monday, October 18, 2010

Cook, cook, cook

Over the past couple of days I've cooked a lot of the recipes that I put in this blog. I'm going to put the pictures here, some comments and a link to the recipe page.
Since I'm going out of town tomorrow for over a week I probably feel a little guilty deserting Larry so I'm leaving him well stocked.
Yesterday I made the pork loin.  It was D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!!
I cooked it a little longer than I should have, must remember to check after 1/2 hour even though my piece of meat was twice the size of the recipe.  It didn't dry out but the apples were sort of like applesauce.  
Today I did make applesauce with a variety of apples and they looked so pretty in the pot.  The last time I made it I added blueberries to one batch and strawberries to another with the apples from our tree in back.  This time I just added some Splenda and cinnamon.
In addition to this fruit, yesterday I made a strawberry rhubarb bake.  No crust, no topping and with Splenda not sugar and some flour to keep it from getting runny it's very healthy.
Today I also made the pumpkin bread.  I added raisins in addition to the nuts to one loaf and it seemed to change the baking time by needing about 10 minutes more.  Maybe added extra moisture??  I calculated this out and for 18 slices per loaf each slice is only 3 WW points.

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