Friday, July 17, 2009

Thursday & Friday, July 16-17

Last night I read two books to Tucker in my bed.
Tucker pays close attention while Hunter plays a computer game.

Thursday I took Myles & Hunter to camp and then hung out at the pool with Stone Barrington for the day.
Myles let me borrow his Yankees hat to wear to the pool so I wouldn't wear the Boston one that I had with me.

After camp we didn't even have time for a snack because Myles had a playdate. We dropped him off at his playdate and then Hunter and I went to the ice cream/candy store where we bought a bunch of various gummies. We ate a bunch before going home.

We went to Route 22 for dinner. Notice the rapt attention to the movie on the screen at the restaurant.

Tucker took this picture of Greta
When we got home Hunter only wanted Mommy to read to him so I read to Tucker again.

The next morning I left around 8:30 to go home and got there about 3:30.
That night we had the wine tasting for Audrey's daughter Heather.

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