Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Monday-Tuesday, July 13-14 - Greta Visit

Monday I left Laura's at 8:30 and got to Greta's about 11:30. No traffic until just before exit 5.
Tucker wanted to hang out in my new car so we did that for quite a while.

I picked Myles and Hunter up at camp and we had a snack then hung out at the kiddie pool.
When it was time to leave we got ice cream first. When it was time to leave we got ice cream first.

Tuesday was crazy hair day at camp so Hunter tested out the hairspray Monday night.

Tuesday, Greta took off from work and we spent the whole day together, a first for us since she had the kids.

We took Myles & Hunter to camp, with their "crazy hair"

and then we played the par 3 at WCC. We took one bag with some clubs - driver, 7 wood, 6, 9, pitching wedge, 60 wedge and putter. It was a real small course so we were able to stay together the whole time, which was good since we were carrying and sharing the clubs.

We went back to the Beach Club for a delicious salad at the snack bar and then hung out at the pool until camp was over. Then we went to the beach

for awhile with the boys and then to the kiddie pool where it was fun for them to play. That night we watched the first half of the Bee movie before bed.

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