Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend

Greta, Charles and the boys arrived before everyone else on Thanksgiving Day.  They drove in that day, went straight to the Hampton Inn and let the boys swim for awhile after being cooped up in the car for 6 hours.  When they got to the house there was some piano playing

then some drawing before it was time to set up.
Myles slept over and decided he needed a snack at 10:45 PM after he was already in bed.

On Friday I worked in the morning and Laura went to visit Chris.  Larry took a walk with Michael and Doris and later went to Karen's "cottage" to watch the Auburn game.  Greta, Charles and the boys went to the Planetarium to see the Christmas Laser Light show and Laura and I met them for lunch at Hogan's Hideaway.  Tucker took this picture.
After lunch we took a ride to the U of Rochester where Charles went to college. 
Tucker fell asleep in the car on the way over and slept until we got home so I stayed in the car with him.  After making a few stops on the campus it was off to the House of Guitars where everyone thought they were rock stars.

Hunter stayed there with Charles and the rest of us drove home by way of Thornton Rd and Myles took a picture of us in front of our original house which was grey when we lived there.
Next was a stop at home to get bathing suits and then over to the Hampton Inn for a swim and hot tub for Laura and the boys. 
Back at the house we got to hear the new guitar along with the new amplifier and microphone which are an early Christmas present for Hunter.
A little quiet time the next morning and a quick game on the iPad
Greta showed me how her piano lessons as a child paid off :-)

 and the boys got in a little Mario Kart time
 Then we were off to paint some pottery

 and back home again for lunch
a group photo with grandma and Aunt Laura

and Charles wanted a recreation of our picture from 1992
Then it was quiet as everyone but Laura got in the car to go home.

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