Thursday, November 11, 2010

The MOHs Factory

A year ago we were looking at a bandage from cataract surgery and I thought that facility was like a factory and this year, here we are at another place that is just as busy.  Mohs micrographic surgery has the highest cure rate for basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas*.  We went for a 10:00 AM appointment with Dr. Marc Brown so Larry could have the surgery done on his nose.  We walked into the waiting area where people were sitting with bandages on their eyes, nose or somewhere else on their face.  There were 23 chairs and practically all were taken.  We sat in the outer area until their was room for us inside.  Larry was taken at 10:30 and when he came out said that the numbing of his nose took longer than the actual surgery. 
Mohs surgery is unique in its precision.  Instead of removing the whole clinically visible tumor and a large area of normal-appearing skin around it, the Mohs surgeon removes the minimum amount of healthy tissue and totally removes the cancer.  Thin layers of tissue are systematically excised and examined under a microscope for malignant cells.  When all areas of tissue are tumor-free, surgery is complete.*

Before Stitches
After a half hour (an hour shorter than expected) he was told that he was "all clear" - GOOD NEWS! and that he would be getting stitiches and then could go home.  Two hours later, he was called for his stitiches. 

After stitches - bigger bandage

No bending or exercise for a week.  It was a good experience because it all came out OK.


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