Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lifetime Membership

I went to Weight Watchers today, my first time back in Rochester since I reached my goal on March 24th, the day before we left.  

I went to WW about 4 times when we were at The Villages.  That was always nerve wracking because the house we stayed in didn't have a scale and I like to know approximately what I'm going to weighbefore I go.

In order to reach lifetime I had to stay within 2 pounds of my goal for 6 weeks and this was the day.  YEA!!!  I maintained, in fact I was even less than my goal.

When I joined Weight Watcher's there was a sign on the wall that advertised getting a job with WW when you reached lifetime.  I remember telling Laura when she was doing WW that I should go, reach lifetime and get a job with them.  Now it's about 3 years later and that's exactly what I'm going to do.  When I saw that sign, I made that as a goal, so that I had more of a reason to lose the weight.  And if I got a job with Weight Watchers then I would have to stay within my goal range.  Now I was going to apply.

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