Friday, May 21, 2010

Awaiting Flat Stanley

Myles called last night to tell me that I was going to get Flat Stanley in the mail.  I didn't know anything about who or what it was all about but he said that when he came it would all be explained to me.  This morning I went online and Googled "Flat Stanley" and found out all about him and can't wait for him to arrive.  Hopefully he comes today because I can take him out with me tonight.  For anyone who doesn't know about Flat Stanley you can find out about the project here:
And for even more about it, look here:  Flat Stanley - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
In short, Flat Stanley is a series of books by Jeff Brown about a boy, Stanley, who along with his brother was given a big bulletin board that was hung over his bed.  At night it fell off and flattened him but he was able to have all kinds of adventures by being flat because he could get into places no one else could.  The Flat Stanley Project was started in 1995 by Dale Hubert a 3rd grade teacher from London, Ontario, Canada and now in 2010 it has reached ME!!

I hope to do a good job with it.  I think Myles must have chosen me because he knows that I like to take pictures, I'm not called "Grandma Flash" for nothing.

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