Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

And it did.
Yesterday it rained the entire day. There were big floods in Nashville, TN but we just watched a little stream form on the way to the 5th tee while sitting on Michael's deck. What a lazy day. I spent the whole day on the computer trying to plan a European vacation for next year.  And then we watched 24.

Today is sunny and in the 80s.  In the house I'm freezing but outside I'm in my glory.  I've been wearing a fleece all day.  Bree came over today and we went to lunch in Greensboro.  There's a post office there and we had to mail a bunch of cards and I also had to mail the antimacassar (I had to look up the definition of what this is called by googling cloth on back of chair) back to Pam at The Villages.  I accidentally picked it up with all my jackets that I had lain over the back of the chair before we left.  The place we went to for lunch, The Yesterday Cafe has a comfort food menu that includes fried green tomatoes, chicken fried chicken (special for today - Bree and Larry got that), country fried steak, grouper - fried, grilled or blackened (I got the blackened) and Buttermilk Pie for dessert.  Our meals were part of the Blue Plate Specials so we also got 2 sides and cornbread with them.  We were too full for dessert so we walked around town, went to the post office and an antique store - http://www.antiquesofthelake.com/ where we each found something to get.

Later back at the house Larry and I took a walk around to the Lake Villas to get some exercise but we took the shortcut back along the cart path of the hole that is next to Michael's.  We still got in a 40 minute walk which we both needed since we've spent so many days just sitting around.

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