Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Regional Market Trip

We thought our Essence meeting was today although after we got there we were told it was tomorrow and after we got home our calendar did say it was tomorrow.  And we both looked at the calendar.  I have to admit, Larry was the one who told me it was on Tuesday, and I looked to see the address of where we were going and never noticed the date.  You can tell we are OLD!!!

So instead, we went out to the Regional Market in Henrietta and in search of rice paper to make Spring Rolls.  First we went to Lee's Asian Mkt and bought rice paper, rice vermicelli, fresh herbs and some sauces.  Then we went to Niblack Foods where they have all kinds of herbs and spices.  We got ground cardamom in a reasonable size .75 oz which will probably take a while to use since I only use it for the Finnish coffee bread.  Our next stop was to Palmer's Fish Market which is now the size of a city block, mainly warehouse I'm assuming.  In the front of the place is the store and restaurant.  We bought tuna and had lunch there.  
Even though we didn't have anything left to get, we walked over to Lori's Natural Food and took a walk through the store which is all organic and natural foods, products and health aids.
So all in all, it was good that we had the wrong day for the meeting because it got us out of the house early and we accomplished a lot.

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