Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bridge Club

Ginny took this picture of us at bridge at her house in November. This is year 42 for our bridge group and I think we all look pretty good for a bunch of oldsters. We met at Kodak, pretty much right out of college for a lot of us. It's been great having our history together and one of these days Ginny and I are going to write it up like we keep saying we will.

Front row: Beth, Karen, Barb, Ginny
Back row: Kathy, Sue, Betsy, Jackie, Joan
Missing: Kay
Then I found these pictures on my computer. I know there are other ones that we took over the years, but not digital, so I will have to do some searching.
This picture was taken at the Plum Garden in Pittsford., I think this was taken in 2007.
Sue and Kay are missing from this picture.

This was taken at Mex's but I don't remember what year.
One eye of Kay is visible in this picture. We'll need to do another group shot when we're all together again.

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