Thursday, January 28, 2010

Turkey Vegetable Soup


Turkey Vegetable Soup
This is a very easy soup to make and it can be made with turkey, chicken, pork or meatless.  I used homemade turkey broth and leftover turkey that I had frozen to make this soup.  Listed below are the ingredients I used because they are what I had on hand or appealed to me in the store.  The best part about this soup is anything goes but I think the one necessary ingredient to give it a great flavor is fresh ginger.
sweet potato
snow peapods
rice noodles
4-8 pieces of peeled fresh ginger
salt and pepper to taste

Add longer cooking vegetables to broth first, adding the rest until all vegetables are cooked.
Soften rice noodles in warm water for 5 minutes then cut up, if desired and add to soup along with cooked turkey.

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