Saturday, October 31, 2009

Salmon Dip

We just came home today and the last thing I felt like doing was going grocery shopping.
I knew we didn't have much in the refrigerator since we were away for over a week but I did find 2 containers of Squash Soup in the freezer and some whole grain rolls.  Perfect.
We went to 5:00 PM mass so we could have a relaxing morning and when we came home and opened a bottle of wine I looked for something to go with it.  My cupboard was pretty bare but I had some cans of salmon in the closet and cream cheese in the refrigerator and we came up with a delicious appetizer which also added some more protein to our dinner since the only protein we were going to have were the beans in the soup.

Salmon Dip
1 can salmon (skinless and boneless)
4 oz cream cheese
chopped onion
Wasabi horseradish to taste

Combine all ingredients and put in microwave for 30 sec to warm.


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