Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscar Night

Tonight is Oscar night. We planned on having leftover mac and cheese for dinner. A major part of our great dinners are leftovers. Wonderful meals and already prepared. We decided to have some guacamole, blue chips and salsa as appetizers.

Then the question w
as, what should we have to drink with it. Well, what goes better with salsa and chips than a margarita. Even though it wasn't summer, when we usually have margaritas, we made a batch any way. Just taking a whiff of the mixture in the shaker made me feel as if the rays of the sun were sinking into my skin and that it was 80 degrees outside. Sort of like what the smell of Coppertone does for me.

After having the appetizers we were pretty full but decided to have a little mac and cheese anyway to help soak up the tequila. We wanted to make sure we didn't fall asleep during the Oscars - or at least I did. And we were successful. We watched the whole thing and even had some dessert midway through - Death by Chocolate ice cream.

4 parts Tequila
1 part Triple Sec
1 part Rose's Lime Juice

Garden Fresh Gourmet Jack's Special Medium salsa - we first found this in Whole Foods in Atlanta and then Publix in Florida. We were excited to find it at Wegmans last spring. Delish!!

Wholly Guacamole - pico de gallo style - had a sample of this at Wegmans before the Super Bowl and had to try some at home. Great for when you don't want to make your own.

Perry's Death by Chocolate
ice cream
Tostitos Natural Blue Corn Tortilla Chips

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